"Astrata planks" are oak veneered and pre-profiled boards for decorative wall coverings. This paneling, which is easy to assemble, has a unique tongue and groove connection where the boards can be nailed invisibly. In addition, a recess is provided for fixing the boards using a simple metal clip. This makes the installation easy and fast. 

"Astrata planks" are therefore the perfect solution to easily integrate wood into any interior. The planks are available in 3 different widths and 2 lengths that can be mutually combined. 

Invisible installation

The unique fastlock concealed profile for blind nailing allows you to invisibly fix the planks to an underlying structure. The boards can be put together from both the left and the right side. Also on the short side there is a profiling through which the planks can be mounted randomly.

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6 sizes

Can be combined with the Querkus Oak Natural look.
Other wood species available on request.

All benefits at a glance

  • Real wood with natural characteristics
  • Very easy installation
  • Invisible fixation thanks to fastlock concealed profile for nailing or clips
  • Untreated planks and therefore suited to personalize yourself
  • Available from 50 m²
  • Also possible with MDF fire retardant.
Golf Hôtel Naxhelet à Wanze - Réalisation: Töller – Bütgenbach

Golf Hôtel Naxhelet à Wanze - Réalisation: Töller – Bütgenbach

Astrata - Oak Natural Adagio - planks

Oak Natural Adagio

Astrata - Oak Natural Allegro - planks

Oak Natural Allegro

Astrata - Oak Natural Vivace - planks

Oak Natural Vivace

Prefinished planks, ready-to-use, which do not need any more after-treatment.That saves you even more time during installation!

All benefits at a glance

  • 6 contemporary colors
  • Very easy and extremely fast installation
  • Invisible fixation thanks to fastlock concealed nailing profile or clips
  • Brushed surface for extra structure
  • Fully finished surface with 6 layers of varnish for optimum protection
  • Available from 150 m²
  • Also possible with MDF fire retardant.

(Can be combined with a number of references from: Shinnoki panels (www.shinnoki.com) and Parky floors (www.par-ky.com).

Other finishes possible on request.

Prefinished planks

Astrata - Natural Oak - planks

Natural Oak

Astrata - Ivory Oak - planks

Ivory Oak

Astrata - Milk Oak - planks

Milk Oak

Astrata - Desert Oak - planks

Desert Oak

Astrata - Manhattan Oak - planks

Manhattan Oak

Astrata - Chocolate Oak - planks

Chocolate Oak

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