ASTRATA "WOOD PLANKS" are oak veneered and pre-profiled boards for decorative wall coverings.

Wood for walls

Astrata is wall cladding based on sliced wood from recycled old oak beams. Due to the different thickness of the veneered blocks, a subtle 3D surface is created. Astrata allows you to quickly and easily finish a wall or room without expensive investments.

All benefits at a glance

  • Ecological product by upcycling old oak beams
  • A characterful and timeless appearance
  • Seamless finish
  • Very simple installation with a minimum of tools
  • Packed per +/- 1m² in a sturdy box

Astrata is available from stock in three colors: Oak Vintage Harlem, Oak Vintage Hoboken and Oak Vintage Baltimore.

A panel is 80x40x1.4 cm and is equipped with a tongue (top) and groove (bottom). The panels are packed per 3 pieces in a box. This means that there is 1 m² in each box and you can easily determine the number of boxes to be ordered (net 0.96 m² per box).

Astrata panels are very easy to install and are therefore accessible to everyone. The panels can be used in a new construction application as well as in a renovation to cover a wall or space. Because Astrata panels fit together invisibly you do not see an optical interruption between the panels, but the surface forms one continuous whole.

The installation instructions show step by step how the panels should be placed. This can be done on a wooden wall or a wall in brick or concrete by first providing a wooden framework. No special tools are required for the installation of Astrata.